Tetris movie in the works

Tetris set the bar for simple, addictive games

Tetris set the bar for simple, addictive games

A movie based on the greatest time-suck of all time – Tetris – is in the works, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Threshold Entertainment Рwhich is probably best known for its Lego-based animations Рhas struck an agreement with the Tetris Company to create a film that somehow incorporates the falling shapes first imagined by Alexey Pajitnov 30 years ago.

As strange a proposition as that may seem, the company’s CEO Larry¬†Kasanoff does have some experience in the world of blockbuster films – he was an executive producer of True Lives and (sticking to the gaming theme) also produced the 1995 adaptation of Mortal Kombat.

A plot has been devised for the film, though no details are known at present – casting and release details are also still unknown.

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