Irish networks detail iPhone 6 pricing

Irish customers will be able to buy an iPhone 6 in a week's time

Irish customers will be able to buy an iPhone 6 in a week’s time

Meteor has detailed its plans and prices for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which launch in Ireland in a week’s time.

Customers will be able to get a 16GB iPhone 6 for €99, when they sign up to a 2 year contract costing €59 per month.

Those wishing to sign up to the cheapest monthly tariff available from the network – which is €19 per month – will need to pay €499 for the handset.

Meteor is also offering a 64GB iPhone 6 or a 16GB iPhone 6 Plus from €199, depending on the contract.

The network is accepting preorders online now.

Meanwhile O2 has also detailed its price plans for the new iPhone.

A 16GB iPhone 6 can be bought for €60, but customers will need to sign up to a 2 year contract costing €70 per month in order to avail of this discount.

When using O2′s cheapest monthly plan – priced at €35 per month – customers will need to pay €270 for the device.

O2 also has prices for the 64GB and 128GB iPhone 6 – priced from €150 and €260 respectively.

The iPhone 6 Plus can be bought from O2 from €150 for the 16GB model, €260 for the 64GB model and €360 for the 128GB model.

Full details of O2′s plans can be found on the network’s website.

Elsewhere, Vodafone has revealed a €50 price tag for a 16GB iPhone 6; assuming the user signs up to an €80-per-month contract.

On the network’s cheapest plan of €35-per-month, the upfront cost of the device will be €250.

The 64GB and 128GB iPhone 6 is priced from €150 and €250 respectively, again on the €80 contract, while the 16GB iPhone 6 Plus will set you back €150.

Customers can register for the iPhone via Vodafone – and see more detail of their plans – on the network’s website.

And not to be left out, Three Ireland has also given some detail on its price plans – though just for the 16GB iPhone 6 model.

Such a handset will cost you €180 when bought on a €55-per-month, 2 year contract. That price rises to €230 if users want to go for a slightly cheaper monthly fee.

Three also gives details of the phone’s cost on a slightly shorter contract – in this case 18 months. Customers going down that route will have to part with €350 – and then €40.66 per month – if they want to be tied down for a slightly shorter period than would otherwise be the case.

More details can be found on Three’s website.

If none of that takes your fancy, there’s always the option of buying the handset outright and without any network restrictions. Doing that will come with an upfront cost of at least €700, though, so it may not be an option for many.


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