Microsoft tackle Apple’s ‘app store’ trademark

Microsoft is attempting to end Apple’s exclusive ownership of the ‘app store’ trademark, claiming it is a generic term.

Apple applied for the trademark in 2008 through the US Patent and Trademark Office and has been the only company able to use it since then, forcing rivals like Microsoft and Google to give their own app outlets different names.

However reports that Microsoft has now appealed to the office to reverse its decision in a recent motion. It claims the two words are too generic to be given exclusively to one company and has offered evidence – including quotes from Steve Jobs – to back this up.

While it may seem like a fair argument now at the time of the trademark filling the concept of a catalogue that sells applications for phones was not a common one. It was only when Apple launched its App Store – and others followed suit – that the idea and term caught on.

Today, regardless of the official ownership, the term ‘app store’ is used to refer to all app platforms. As Microsoft’s case points out, even by Jobs himself.

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