The Beatles come to iTunes

The Beatles’ back catalogue is now available to download on iTunes, effectively ending a decades-long legal dispute between the band and Apple.

The deal means that each of the legendary band’s albums are available to download from the online music shop for between €13 and €20, with a box set of all the albums also available for €150.

Historically the relationship between the iPod-maker and the band had been quite strained, following a number of lawsuits centring around trademarks and the ‘Apple’ brand. The band’s record label was of course ‘Apple Records’ and this led to plenty of skirmishes over the years (see this Wiki page for details).

However in more recent times there seemed to be a thaw in relations and when Apple yesterday promised a day “that you’ll never forget” the likes of the Wall Street Journal concluded The Beatles were finally going digital. As we now know, and much to the disappointment of some who expected something more significant, this has proven to be spot on.

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