Microsoft confirm 11th Oct launch of Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 will launch in Dublin on 11th Oct

Following a vague invite late last week Microsoft has confirmed that its event on 11th Oct will be to launch Windows Phone 7. The Dublin event will start at 6pm local time, meaning it will actually be 2 hours ahead of the New York launch due for the same day (though a few hours behind London’s).

Windows Phone 7 is the latest phone operating system from Microsoft and will compete to regain some of the market-share eaten up by the arrival of the Apple iPhone and Google’s Android OS.

The operating system will have social media integration at its core, along with a link to the Xbox Live system and Zune audio store.

HTC, Samsung and LG are all expected to support the system at launch and the first handset should arrive in Ireland before Christmas. will be at the Dublin launch next week and will report back on the details once available.

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