Gran Turismo 5 delayed again

Gran Turismo 5 is delayed again

The much-anticipated racing sim for the Playstation 3 – Gran Turismo 5 – has been delayed yet again. The title was due to be released in the US on 2nd November with an Irish launch within days of that but a blog post on the official Playstation site has confirmed that will now not happen.

The post goes on to promise the title in time for the ‘holiday season’ but fails to be any more specific than that.

Gran Turismo 5 has been in the pipeline since it was showcased at E3 in 2006, before the Playstation 3 was even launched. The game had previously been slated for a March 2010 launch but was pushed back to November in the middle of this year.

For what it’s worth the blog post says the reasons for the delay is that the development team “want to make certain they are creating the perfect racing experience” before it hits the shelves.

Whether that will be in time for Christmas – as suggested – remains to be seen.

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