Carphone Warehouse price Samsung Galaxy Tab at €600

The Samsung Galaxy Tab will cost €600… in the UK at least.

The Carphone Warehouse’s UK site has put up a pre-order page for the Samsung Galaxy Tab, pricing it at the equivalent of €600 for the device outside of a contract.

Samsung’s Android-based rival to the iPad is due to launch in Europe on the 1st November and so far there has been no clear confirmation of a price. At €600 the 7″ tablet would be comparable to the 32GB WiFi-only iPad or the 16GB WiFi & 3G version.

The company’s Irish site currently has no mention of the Samsung Galaxy Tab and of course there is no guarantee that it will cost €600 when it reaches Irish shores; in fact it is quite rare for gadgets not to undergo a price inflation in the transfer over to euro.

Interestingly the Carphone Warehouse ad also includes a subsidised price when bought with a broadband contract, however this only shaves a mere £30 (€34) off the device-only price.

A lot of attention is already being given to the Samsung Galaxy Tab as it is seen as the first real competitor to Apple’s so-far-so-successful touch-screen device. While slightly smaller the use of Android and the inclusion of front and rear-facing cameras does give it the potential to excel in other ways.

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