Shrunken Apple TV to cost €119 in Ireland

Apple TV is now much smaller and much cheaper.

Apple TV has gotten a much-rumoured upgrade, though in a far more interesting way than many predicted.

The device is now 1/4 the size of the original version, fitting comfortably into the palm of Steve Jobs’ hand when he showed it off today. Its price has shrunken too, down to €119 (or just $99 in the US).

The way the whole thing works has changed with that, of course.

Apple TV no longer has a hard drive built in and instead streams content from iTunes or a user’s computer. TV shows and movies can now be rented rather than purchased, with Netflix, YouTube and Flickr all accessible through the device.

Changes to the AirTunes system – which is now called AirPlay – also mean content can be streamed through Apple TV from any iOS device, such as the iPad or iPhone.

Pre-orders can currently be made for the device on with a shipping date set for late September. Expect that to slip in Ireland, though, like most other Apple launch dates have this year.

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