Nintendo confirm March release for 3DS in Europe

Nintendo's 3DS should arrive in Ireland in March 2011

Nintendo have given more details on its upcoming 3DS handheld, confirming a March 2011 release date in Europe and the US.

As the name suggests the 3DS is the successor to the extremely successful DS handheld and will offer 3D gaming without the need for special glasses.

The device will come out in Japan in February, followed a month later by a European and US release. A pre-Christmas launch was originally expected but this has since slipped, causing Nintendo to miss out on a fairly lucrative time of the year.

A price for Europe is as yet unknown. The Japanese price equates to about €220 which would more than likely be rounded up for its arrival in Ireland. To put that into context the Nintendo DSi currently costs around €140.

Besides release dates Nintendo also announced a few new features for the 3DS, including a Mii creator that designs one from the pictures people take with the console’s camera.

An online game shop will also be available through the device, allowing users to download classic Nintendo games directly to their handheld.

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