iTunes 10 to include music social network Ping

Ping is a social network for music built in to iTunes 10

The newest version of iTunes (10 for those who lost count) will include a music social network called Ping.

The service will allow users to ‘follow’ their favourite artists and friends to see what music they are listening to or gigs they are attending. It will work very much like Facebook in that it offers a feed of people’s latest updates, which Apple obviously hopes will remain music related.

The service also shows a personalised chart based on what a user’s friends are downloading most, meaning people can easily pick up on trends amongst their peers.

There is clearly a lot of inspiration for Ping coming from Facebook but if anything it is likely to threaten what’s left of Myspace more. If bands and artists set up interesting pages they can more easily convert them into song sales on Ping than they might elsewhere.

Of course whether the world really needs another social network to follow is the real question in all of this.

iTunes 10 also sees the end of the programme’s iconic logo, with the CD now being dropped (though the musical note remaining). This is because iTunes sales are due to out-strip CDs in the next few months, said Jobs.

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