Update: Google Street View is live in Ireland

One of many views of Dublin's O'Connell St taken by Google's cameras

Contrary to earlier reports that it would come tomorrow, Google Street View is now live in Ireland. More than 80,000km of road has been captured, covering streets in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway and Waterford.

Street View allows users to get a street-level look at places on Google Maps. The information is gathered by a specially adapted car – or trike – which has a 360 degree camera mounted on top of it.

The end result should be a clear view of what you would see if you were actually standing on the street. Some things will be blurred, however, namely some faces and number plates.

This will obviously have many advantages to people looking to get around but it is also likely to lead to many funny discoveries as people trawl through the images.

Indeed there are already a number of websites in existence that are dedicated solely to odd and surreal moments captured by the Street View camera.

On the flip side the service has attracted plenty of negative attention. Countries like Germany have recently been cracking down on the service out of privacy concerns. Earlier this year it was also revealed that Google had unintentionally – at least according to them – collected people’s private data via the Street View car.

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