Google reveal instant search

Google's search gets instantanious

Google has unveiled  ‘Instant’ search which it says will shave seconds off the time it takes people to find what they want online.

The new setting will display search results to users as they type, meaning they may not have to finish entering a term or even hit ‘search’ to see what they want.

According to Google the Instant search engine should take 2-5 seconds from each search duration. They feel it will also lead to better search terms as users will be able to instantly adapt what they type depending on the results they begin to get.

Google Instant is already being rolled out across a number of the company’s websites and will at first be available to users with a Google account only. Upon using the feature first the message ‘Welcome to Google Instant / Feelings of weightlessness and euphoria are normal. Do not be alarmed” appears in the suggested search box.

If users do not like the new way of doing things – and a slow internet connection or computer may put them into that category – they can go into preferences and return themselves to the old-fashioned way of doing things.

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