Eircom to launch mobile service this week

Eircom Mobile will launch this Wednesday

Eircom will launch a new mobile phone service on Wednesday, technically putting the company in competition with itself. The new service will more than likely be called ‘Eircom Mobile’, a brand previously reserved for business users, and as a consumer offering will compete in the same space as company subsidiary Meteor.

A press release from the company last week promised the new product would be “guaranteed to shake up the market and bring real value to consumers”. In practical terms it also means Eircom will be able to compete with Vodafone in the area of triple-play (offering fixed line, broadband and mobile from the one supplier).

When it comes to challenging Meteor it is more likely that the two brands will be used to complement each other rather than compete. Meteor has traditionally doing well with young, pre-pay customers but not those on a bill. The Eircom brand would have a bit more traction with older users and so could compete for that space, leaving Meteor free to purely target teens and twenty-somethings.

Exact price plans and details – like whether triple-play customers will be able to have everything run through a single bill – will likely be announced at the launch event on Wednesday.

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