Apple announce new iPod shuffle, nano and touch

The new touch-based iPod Nano

Apple has refreshed almost all of its iPod line-up, with a new shuffle, nano and touch all announced by Steve Jobs.

The new iPod Shuffle goes back to the 2nd gen design and sees the return of buttons, though the device is now smaller than it was before. The voice-over feature remains, however.

The shuffle has 2GB of storage and a pricetag of €49.

The iPod Nano is arguably the most overhauled of the lot, however. Gone is the click wheel and in its place comes a cubed multi-touch screen, with the device seeming to run on iOS.

Like the shuffle it now has a clip on the back too. The new Nano will come in both 8GB and 16GB flavours with a pricetag of €159 and €189 respectively.

Last but by no means least the iPod Touch has been made slimmer, given a retina display screen, a camera on the front and back and HD video recording.

The design overall has been kept the same as before, however, instead of mimicking the new-look iPhone 4. The iPod Touch will set you back €229 for 8GB, €299 for 32GB, and €399 for 64GB.

The iPod Classic remains untouched, it seems.

According to Steve Jobs all will ship from next week – in the US at least. The Apple online store seems to suggest that will be the same for Ireland but time will tell.

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