Sony Ericsson making an Android gaming platform says Engadget

The new SE phone may nook like the PSP Go, according to Engadget

Mobile phone-maker Sony Ericsson is developing a mobile gaming platform based on Android, according to US tech site Engadget. Details are sketchy at the moment but the report says the platform will offer 3D graphics and will run on Android 3.0, the next major version of the OS which is scheduled for a late 2010 release.

Android has been mooted as the perfect foundation for a new mobile gaming platform but so far has fallen short of its promise. As a result it is not surprising to see a dedicated Android gaming platform being developed, however it is a little odd to see Sony Ericsson do it considering its connections to Playstation (and as a result the PSP).

However according to Engadget the first Sony Ericsson gaming phone could even carry the Playstation brand and will look somewhat like the PSP Go, creating the potential for one to cannibalise the other.

Engadget has more details on the rumoured hardware being used to spearhead the platform; keep watching for more information on the device in the coming weeks.

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