Intel buys up McAfee for €5.97bn

Intel buy McAfee. McIntel?... IntelAfee?

Chip-maker Intel has snapped up security software specialist McAfee for a tasty €5.97bn ($7.68bn). The unexpected deal will see McAfee operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Intel, though the latter will clearly seek to use the expertise to improve its growing portfolio of products.

Intel has been on the acquisition path lately, buying up Texas Instrument’s cable modem unit just days ago. It has also been expanding its ‘Software and Services’ division, not least in the development of the MeeGo OS along with Nokia.

As for McAfee the company has long been a leader in computer security alongside Norton. The fact that more and more devices are becoming internet-enabled (and Intel are trying to develop chips for each of them) should make its software all the more important in the years ahead.

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