Google seeks to prioritise mail

Google are rolling out a Priority Inbox feature to make mail more efficient

Google is rolling out a new feature in Gmail which it says will save users hours of time a week currently wasted browsing unwanted mails.
The ‘Priority Inbox’ setting will automatically filter mails according to their importance, meaning users should only see the mails they want or need to while working.

According to Google the filter will adapt to the user’s own behaviour, for example marking a mail as important if it is from someone the user regularly replies to.

Users can also tick a plus or minus box on e-mails to manually indicate if something is important or not, meaning the filter should improve after regular use.

For those who activate the feature their inbox will be split into three categories with ‘Priority’ mails at the top, ‘Starred’ mails in the middle and everything else at the bottom.

The feature is currently being rolled out across all Gmail accounts and should be available to everyone by next week.

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