7″ iPad rumours pick up pace

Steve Jobs unveils the iPad in January 2010 - rumours suggest he'll do the same with a 7" version in January 2011

The internet is a-buzz with rumours of a 7″ iPad being on the horizon – as soon as the end of this year. The latest spate of suggestions stem from an article in a Taiwanese newspaper which says LG and Chi Mei will join forces to produce the new hardware.

This follows the discovery of code in the latest version of iOS that points towards a new device of some description.

However besides this the case for a 7″ iPad is quite thin and the logic behind it equally so. Apple made a big deal about the 10″ screen on the iPad being just right for practical portability and would have a hard time justifying something so much smaller (but not so small as to make it a pocket device).

In other words, take this one with a fist-full of salt.

Even if the rumours are true a late 2010 release would be unlikely – Apple are not known for releasing new product lines right before Christmas and supply issues would be a huge problem, just as they have been with the 10″ iPad.

An early 2011 release would make more sense – it would come a year after the current iPad was first showcased by Apple and could happen alongside a 10″ iPad upgrade, fitting with the company’s preference for annual line refreshes.

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