Three announce plans to announce iPad plans

Three will have iPad packages... soon.

Three will have iPad packages... soon.

Three mobile has announced that it will announce dedicated iPad price plans in the coming weeks – though it has so far given no indication on what they will look like when they do.

At present there is no exact release date for the iPad in Ireland with Apple saying nothing more than ‘late July’. This is later than originally intended but the new time-frame may still be missed if some reports are accurate.

When it does arrive the iPad will be unlocked – meaning any network can offer a data package for it – but due to Apple’s legendary secrecy the various networks have been unable to announce anything specific about the product (or the iPhone 4 for that matter).

It is even unclear whether networks will be able to sell the iPad directly – though SiliconRepublic reports Three will be selling the device from August.

(Update: Three has clarified that it will not be selling the iPad, just offering iPad tariffs when the iPad is eventually released in Ireland.)

The result is a lot of customers asking networks for details and a lot of networks anxious to get their details out there first… but no information available to truly say anything.

That said Vodafone is already selling microSIMs with packages from €19.90 per month. Though not sold exclusively as iPad packages, it and the iPhone 4 are the only upcoming consumer devices that use them. So these are iPad data packages in everything but name.

O2 is understood to have its stock of microSIMs ready to go too – though it has not yet started to sell them to customers.

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