iPhone 4 to launch in Ireland on 30th July

The iPhone 4 in Apple's 'bumper' which solves the antenna problem

The iPhone 4 should be on sale in Ireland on the Friday 30th July, if Apple CEO Steve Jobs is to be believed.

Until now Irish customers – along with those in a number of other countries – have been given nothing more than a vague ‘end of July’ time-frame and this is the first time a precise date has been officially confirmed.

At the time of publishing there was no mention of this date on the Irish Apple Store or on the websites of the various networks that will carry the phone. As mentioned before some networks are already taking pre-orders, however.

Jobs made the date announcement towards the end of his press conference on the iPhone 4′s antenna problems, which has seen reception disappear when the device is held in a certain way.

At it he accepted there were issues with the phone but contended they were not unique to Apple’s device. He said the company would offer a free case (which would stop the antenna from being interfered with) to anyone who buys the phone before the end of September and a full refund to those still not happy.

With a date now set for the iPhone 4 in Ireland next week should see the call packages of each of the three  carrier networks РO2, Vodafone and Three Рalong with details of upgrade and purchases costs.

What is still missing is word of an iPad release date, something that was also promised in July. Given the high demand for that tablet, however, and the fact that there is still no word half way through the month, August is probably the earliest it will be seen here.


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