iPhone 4 getting a firmware upgrade… now

The iPhone 4 has gotten its first firmware upgrade

It’s not officially available in Ireland yet but the iPhone 4 is already getting its first firmware upgrade.

According to Engadget iPhone 4 users are being prompted to upgrade to iOS 4.0.1 right this second, just weeks after iOs 4 itself became available.

The main reason for the new software is to fix the apparent software bug which over-estimated the amount of reception a user had in any given area. This – according to Apple – goes a long way to explaining why iPhone 4 users could go from full to zero bars depending on the way they hold the phone… unfortunately no software fix will be able to stop the design issue itself, however.

Apple are also due to hold a press conference tomorrow to talk about issues people have had with the new iPhone. Rumours of a product recall have been circulating but so far this looks unlikely.

As far as Irish customers go this is all meaningless. Originally given a late-July launch date there is still no word on an Irish release for the iPhone 4 (or the iPad for that matter) and the reception issues are sure to be part of the reason for the delay.

Moves by both Three and Vodafone suggest there may be some progress, however. Both are taking pre-orders online and promising the device ‘soon’, though anything more precise than that is still anyone’s guess.

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