Google debut easy app maker for Android

Non-techies will now be able to make Android apps

Non-codies will soon be able to make their own apps if Google’s latest beta lives up to its promise. Called the ‘App Inventor‘ the tool offers a simple drag and drop interface for mobile app creation, with no code necessary.

With the battle for app supremacy tougher than ever companies like Google are trying to make their creation tools as easy to use as possible. Until now, however, a fair knowledge of code was required if the user wanted to make anything they could offer or sell.

The App Inventor promises usability for those with no coding experience at all, however. The site claims users can create quite intricate apps too, such as games and quizzes.

Nokia also has a simple app creation tool for its Ovi Store – called the app wizard – however this only allows for simple programmes based around a handful of RSS feeds.

Users interested in trying out the Android App Inventor will need to apply for access first, with Gmail accounts the only addresses accepted when doing so. There are also video tutorials available on the site to make the app-building process even more simple.

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