Vodafone talking to IRMA about three-strikes

Vodafone Ireland – the country’s second-biggest ISP – is in talks with IRMA about adopting the three-strikes policy to tackle music piracy online, according to The Irish Times.

Eircom recently introduced a ‘graduated response’ to suspected file-sharers following an out-of-court agreement with IRMA (the Irish Recorded Music Association for those who don’t know). This sees the alleged illegal downloaders, as identified by IRMA, receive a number of warnings before being disconnected for a year.

IRMA has turned up the heat on other internet providers to follow suit and Vodafone is now talking with them about doing just that. Other companies have so far refused to do so with many questioning the privacy and EU rights implications of it; UPC has so-far been the most vocal opponent and is facing a day in court against IRMA as a result.

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