TeicTat: The Acer Liquid E Ferrari

The Acer Liquid E Ferrari. Tat.

The Acer Liquid E Ferrari. Tack.

The power you feel in your hands as you control a special piece of human engineering. The stares as passers-by spot the iconic bucking horse upon the sharp red body. The exhilaration as the wind rushes through your hair.

Yes, you may be waiting for a bus on a breezy day but you’ve got your Ferrari-branded phone to set you apart from the crowd.

This is the Acer Liquid E Ferrari, a phone for the obscenely rich user who just so happens to be poor. Akin to putting a Porshe logo on your clapped-out ’91 Nissan Micra, this is simply the Acer Liquid E phone with a tacky red paint job and – more than likely – a bigger price tag.

For those wanting to push their sap-o-meters to 11 there is also the option of a branded Bluetooth headset; the perfect accessory for the man who wants to give people some sort of visual entertainment on a constant basis.

The press release describes it as passionate, sophisticated, high-performance, exclusive and fully-equipped. It is none of these things.

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