New Mac Minis on the way?

Signs are pointing to a new Mac Mini this month

Signs are pointing to a new Mac Mini this month

Engadget has it that Mac Mini supplies are low at a number of suppliers, a sure sign that a new model is on the way.

Some bulk buyers have even had their orders pushed back to mid-June, which would line up quite well with Steve Jobs’ keynote at WWDC next Monday.

Jobs’ speech is expected to focus on the next iPhone – the one that everyone already knows everything about - but that doesn’t mean he won’t be talking about other new Mac products. The rumour mill says this new Mac Mini will feature a HDMI port and a better processor, but besides that details are scarce.

There are also rumours that Apple’s TV is set to be overhauled completely, though nothing seems to suggest that we’ll have official word on that next week.

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