Microsoft reveal tablet-friendly OS

Windows Embedded Compact 7

Windows Embedded Compact 7

Microsoft has released a tech preview of its latest ‘compact’ operating system which is shaping up to be its answer to the emerging tablet market. While also in the running for least catchy title of the year, Microsoft’s Windows Embedded Compact 7 OS is specifically designed for dedicated consumer devices.

This might take the form of an in-car entertainment system or media player but it also works just as well on tablets.

Since the arrival of the iPad questions have been raised about the viability of Windows 7 as a tablet-OS, despite the fact that it is designed for multi-touch interaction. When compared to iPhone OS and emerging tablet platforms like MeeGo and Android it proved to be too bulky and un-intuitive for touch.

This is largely the reason why HP walked away from the Slate project and why CEO of graphics chip-maker Nvidia said Android, not Windows, was key for tablets.

This new standard – which is also separate from though similar to Windows Phone 7 – could be enough to change these companies’ minds, especially considering its potential to sync and interact with the Windows platform as a whole.

There is now a tech demo available of the system on the Windows website along with some preview videos. No exact release date is known as of yet but the OS is believed to be scheduled for a 2nd quarter release this year.


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