E3 2010: Nintendo showcase the 3DS handheld

Nintendo's 3DS (picture from Engadget.com)

Nintendo's 3DS (picture from Engadget.com)

As expected Nintendo has taken the wraps off the 3DS, the new handheld console which allows for 3D gaming.

Looking much like the existing DS, though with the addition of an analogue stick and a wider top screen, the handheld will allow for 3D gaming without the need for glasses.

The device has a ‘depth slider’, to allow people to set the 3D effect to the distance they’re playing from, and will boast a graphical improvement over the existing DS.

Perhaps as an answer to the move by mobile phones the 3DS will carry an accelerometer and gyroscope to give it motion sensitivity. It will also have two cameras on the lid so users can take 3D pictures of their own.

The 3DS will be compatible with the DSi and – presumably – be able to play games from DS carts and SD cards. It will be able to play 3D movies out of the box and a number of games are also in development to take advantage of the 3D feature.

There are added WiFi functions on the 3DS too – namely the ability of two devices to communicate with each other while in ‘sleep’ mode. Users can also stay connected to Nintendo’s servers at all times, automatically downloading new stages without any fee being required.

No release date or price is currently available, though one 3D game was said to be set for a Summer release. Games already known to be in development for the platform include:

Nintendogs & Cats, Kid Icarus: Uprising, EA Football (soccer for our US readers), Madden NFL, Resident Evil: Revelations, DJ Hero 3D, Kingdom Hearts 3D, Assassin’s Creed, Saints Row 3D, Metal Gear Solid

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