E3 2010: New Xbox 360 revealed

The new version of the Xbox 360, dubbed the 'Stealthbox'

The new version of the Xbox 360, dubbed the 'Stealthbox'

As per the rumours Microsoft has also unveiled a new version of the Xbox 360 at E3.

The new model is more angular – and is unofficially called the ‘Stealthbox’ to reflect that.

Unlike the original Xbox 360 this model has 5 USB ports, built in WiFi, one fan instead of two (which will make it quieter) and a removable 250GB HDD. The body of the machine itself is slimmer, the power-block is built in rather than an external conneciton and it also has a dedicated port for the Kinect*.

Microsoft say the new model will be available immediately but older stock will continue to be sold while it remains. They’re not manufacturing any more of that, however, so expect to see this stealthy number in stores relatively soon.

* The dedicated Kinect port allows users to power the motion-sensing device through the Xbox 360 itself. Users of the normal Xbox 360 will have to connect it via USB and power it through a separate wall plug.

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