E3 2010: Microsoft’s Natal becomes the ‘Kinect’

Microsoft's Kinect - the perhipheral formerly known as Natal.

Microsoft's Kinect - the peripheral formerly known as Natal.

Microsoft has finally given some detail on its Project Natal peripheral, the first bit of which is its proper name – Kinect.

Set for a November launch the device will have at least five launch titles, namely:

Kinectimals – where players can train and play with different types of cats (big cats, not just the household type)

Joyride - A racing game where you can hold an imaginary steering wheel.

Kinect Sport - Think Wii Sports only without the Wiimote; players can box, bowl, play beach volleyball, soccer, table tennis and run track and field.

Kinect Adventure – Details so far point towards a rafting game amongst other things.

Dance Central – made in conjunction with MTV; basically a dancing game without the dance mat.

Retail price is still to be confirmed, though there are rumours of two versions being available at launch.

There are also signs that a new style Xbox 360 is also on the horizon, sporting a new design and slimmer frame. The evidence? This alleged Italian advert.

Microsoft will be delivering more details over the course of E3 – stay tuned to teic.ie to be kept up to date.

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