Apple unveil their latest iPhone

The new iPhone 4

The new iPhone 4

While there was little to be surprised about with yesterday’s iPhone 4 launch the internet is still buzzing with information from the latest Apple phone.

So what’s new? Well the phone itself has a new style of casing, replacing the previously curved back with a more angular body. This new approach gives the phone more internal space but also a slimmer body over all.

Besides that the phone now has:

  • Better screen resolution – Apple say it’s 4 times better than before and like reading on physical paper.
  • A faster processor, namely the A4 chip used in the iPad.
  • A 5mp camera with an LED flash
  • A front-facing camera and ‘Face Time’ software for video calls (only possible via WiFi for now, though)
  • HD video recording

The latest iPhone software – iOS 4 as it is now known – will also allow for multitasking of applications along with other changes like folder creation.

The device is slated for a 24th June launch in the US, UK and Germany while Apple have promised it in Ireland by the end of July. At present none of the Irish iPhone carriers can be any more specific than that.

To see Steve Jobs’ keynote speech where the iPhone 4 is revealed, or to watch some of the promo videos, go to

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