YouTube recording 2bn hits a day

YouTube is celebrating its 5th birthday

YouTube is celebrating its 5th birthday

Video sharing site YouTube is recording 2bn hits per day according to its co-founder, who was speaking on the 5th anniversary of the site’s launch. YouTube has become synonymous with online video over the years and today takes in over 24 hours worth of content every minute.

Starting out as a home for user-generated content the site is now looking to host an increasing amount of professional content, like TV shows and music videos. The company is also moving towards streaming video and says there is potential to create an online broadcaster to rival big players in the US and Europe.

Google bought YouTube in late 2006 for $1.65bn in company stock and has since expanded the service dramatically. In recent years it has also allowed users to put adverts on their videos to generate income and analysts believe the site may begin to turn a profit this year.

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