Nokia makes final push for app ideas

Nokia's Apps for Ireland competition

Nokia's Apps for Ireland competition

Nokia is making a final push for idea submissions to its ‘Apps for Ireland’ competition, which closes this Friday. The company has received 2,200 submissions so far and over 6,000 public votes have already been cast to decide which three ideas are eventually made into working apps.

The Apps for Ireland competition is part of Nokia’s push to make its Ovi Store more attractive to Irish developers and customers. The hope is to create more Ireland-specific content and to get people thinking about what their phone could do with the right software.

Entries are judged across three categories – Sport, Lifestyle and General – and the most popular idea of each week wins a prize and is put through to the final. A judging panel will then decide which of these shortlisted ideas is best and the winner of each section will be made into apps by Mobanode.

The people behind the ideas will also win a grand prize which differs depending on the category their idea adheres to.

Last minute entries can be made via the company’s Facebook application.

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