Microsoft’s Natal confirmed for October launch

Microsoft's Natal will be released worldwide this October.

Microsoft's Natal will be released worldwide this October.

A Microsoft spokesperson has confirmed that its Natal peripheral for the Xbox 360 will have an international launch this October, just in time for the lucrative Christmas market in Ireland. Speaking on GamerTagRadio Syed Bilal Tariq, Microsoft’s marketing manager for Saudi Arabia said an exact date would be announced at next month’s E3 conference but it would be at some point in October 2010 (video here).

Natal is Microsoft’s much-anticipated answer to Nintendo’s Wii-mote and uses a number of sensors to track the movements of a user’s whole body, in theory removing the need for a handheld controller. The device was first unveiled at last year’s E3 and is basically a rectangular strip that connects to the Xbox 360 and is designed to sit above or below a television.

Exact details – like price and compatible titles available at launch – are still unknown but many are hoping Microsoft’s presentation next month will provide more detailed information. The company has clearly invested heavily in the technology and is hoping it will trump motion-based alternatives from Nintendo and Sony, the latter of which is preparing its ‘Move‘ controller for launch around the same time.

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