Hotmail to get new features & facelift

Windows Hotmail service is undergoing a relaunch in the months ahead

Windows Hotmail service is undergoing a relaunch in the months ahead

Microsoft has announced that its free mail service Hotmail will be given new features and a face-lift in the months ahead. The change will help the client integrate better with other web services and Microsoft’s own Office applications and will renew the battle between the service and its rivals Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

As part of the overhaul Hotmail will allow users to interface with other websites without opening a new tab or window. For example YouTube videos and Flickr streams can be previewed in the e-mail itself, while Facebook and LinkedIn messages can be sent and replied to without visiting the respective sites.

Users will also be able to open and edit office documents in Microsoft’s newly-launched Office Web Apps, the company’s answer to Google Docs, though this feature will not be available for a few months to come. The new Hotmail will also allow users to organise their e-mails by conversation – as Gmail already does – or tag e-mails from specific users so they are automatically re-directed to a specific folder or the trash.

In a world of ever-increasing file-sizes the new attachment limits will also be of interest to many. Users can now attach up to 10GB of data to a single e-mail; up to 200 files can be attached though each file can only be 50MB in size. This information is then sent to the user’s Sky Drive – a free cloud hosting service offered by Microsoft – and the receiver can access the files from there.

If you want to find out about more of the features in the new hotmail or see it in action, go to

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