Google launch ‘Google TV’ platform

Google TV will combine web video with local TV programming

Google TV will combine web video with local TV programming

Google has officially unveiled Google TV at its I/O Conference, a platform which will connect people’s televisions to online video and search services. The new platform will be pre-installed on some TVs but will also be available as a set-top box and uses Intel’s Atom processor to power a tweaked Android operating system.

The idea is that users will be able to use Google to search for programmes on their TV schedule, as well as online, from their television screens. As the platform uses Android OS there will also be applications available and the service can also be used as a web-browser.

Exactly if and how Google TV will integrate with people’s TV schedules is at present unclear, though it is assumed that the service will need to be taken up by local cable and satellite providers. However the concept seems to combine some basic functionality of a PC into a customised interface for video searching.

Judging by Google’s presentation searchers will be able to pull in content from existing web video services too like YouTube, Netflix and Hulu.

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