Google, Intel & Sony to announce ‘Smart TV’ deal

Android is likely to form the basis of upcoming internet TV boxes

Android is likely to form the basis of upcoming internet TV boxes

Google, Intel and Sony are expected to join forces to offer a new ‘Smart TV’ service, according to the Financial Times. The partnership will be focused on creating internet-enabled set-top boxes and is expected to be confirmed at Google’s I/O conference, which kicks off in San Francisco tomorrow.

Television with internet connectivity has been available to customers for some time but has not yet become mass-market. However with the combination of Google’s Android platform, Intel’s cheap Atom processor and Sony’s hardware manufacturing expertise the companies hope this will change.

Google is expected to call on Android developers to begin making applications for TVs and the end result is likely to allow users to access video sites – like YouTube – and other web services from their televisions.

News of the latest version of Android – 2.2 or Froyo – is also expected at Google’s I/O conference. The latest version of the operating system is believed to be imminent with a number of interesting new services available as part of it, such as USB tethering and WiFi hotspot creation.

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