Opera Mini browser available to Irish iPhone users

The Opera Mini browser is now available on the iPhone

The Opera Mini browser is now available on the iPhone

Apple has unexpectedly approved Opera’s rival web browser for the iPhone, which is now available for free for Irish customers. Opera Mini is the first serious alternative browser made available on the App Store to Apple’s own Safari.

The Opera Mini claims to offer much faster loading speeds than the iPhone’s native browser and also offers a tabbed browsing system. The browser is already one of the most popular in the world, largely due to its use on many Nokia smartphones.

The Norwegian software firm announced in early February that it was going to submit a version of its browser to Apple for inclusion on the App Store platform. However as the browser would compete directly with the default Safari browser many expected Apple to reject it altogether.

Any alternative browsers that are already available on the App Store are made by relatively unknown companies and are little more than tweaked versions of Safari.

Irish users can get the app by following this iTunes link or by searching for ‘Opera Mini’ in the App Store itself.

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