Nokia unveil N8 smartphone

Nokia's new N8 smartphone

Nokia's new N8 smartphone

Nokia’s N8 smartphone will boast a 12mp camera and the latest Symbian^3 OS when it ships in the second half of this year. The touchscreen device will be available in Ireland in Q3 and will cost €370 before taxes or subsidies are applies.

The device has a 3.5″ OLED capacitive touchscreen on board and promises social media integration from the ground up. The phone is Nokia’s latest attempt to re-gain the initiative in the smartphone battle with Apple, Google and Microsoft and comes after the leak of the new iPhone and the imminent arrival of Windows Phone 7 OS.

Besides its high-quality camera the phone will have; 16GB of memory on board with room for microSD expansion up to 32GB, A-GPS, WiFi, ‘HD-quality’ video capture, WebTV application and Flash video support.

What Irish carrier will sell the phone is currently unknown, though details are likely to be made known closer to release.

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