Leak of alleged iPhone “HD”

A photo of the supposed 4th Gen iPhone

A photo of the supposed 4th Gen iPhone

US tech site Gizmodo has gotten its hands on what appears to be the next version of the iPhone, dubbed the iPhone HD.

Sporting a front-facing camera, improved main camera with flash, a bigger battery, a higher resolution screen and more hard drive space the purported device is a significant step forward from the current iPhone 3GS. The phone is also physically different from existing versions with a more squared look, a glossy black back and a new button layout.

Gizmodo claims the device is a prototype which was left in a bar and found by an unnamed source. While they have not been able to the phone they say they have verified its authenticity by seeing if it was recognised by iTunes as an iPhone and by examining its components.

While all of the evidence gathered by Gizmodo suggests this is the real deal it is unlikely to be confirmed by Apple until an official launch takes place. Going by the launch schedule of previous iPhones this is unlikely to take place until June, around the same time that the new iPhone operating system, OS4, is officially released.

One interesting aside on the new version is the fact that it uses the microSIM standard as opposed to the standard SIM cards used in most mobile phones. If this turns out to be the case it will be the first time the microSIM standard has been used in a handset. The 3G version of the iPad also uses the microSIM standard but it is currently unclear what Irish networks will offer iPad packages.

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