Xperia X10 to be available on O2 next month

The Xperia X10 will be available on O2 from 8th April.

The Xperia X10 will be available on O2 from 8th April.

Sony Ericsson’s new touch-screen smartphone, the Xperia X10, will launch on the O2 network in Ireland early next month. The phone will be available to customers from 8th April and will be free for some, assuming they sign up to the right bill-pay package.

The X10 is latest of many Xperia handsets released by Sony Ericsson in the past year and is the first to run on Google’s Android operating system, in this case version 1.6 (also known as Donut). The device sports a 4″ capacitive touch-screen, 8.1mp camera, A-GPS, 1GB memory (expandable via a microSD slot) and the 1GHz Snapdragon processor.

Sony Ericsson are also pushing a new feature called Timescape, which it says will act as an easy way for people to keep up to date on what their friends are doing by aggregating social media into one stream.

At the time of announcing the X10 some weeks ago, Sony Ericsson also unveiled the X10 Mini, which has much of the main phone’s functions but in a significantly smaller body. No Irish release details for the X10 Mini are known at the moment.

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