Eircom unveil faster broadband packages

Eircom are upgrading lines to offer faster broadband to customers

Eircom are upgrading lines to offer faster broadband to customers

Eircom have announced details of their new broadband service, which will see uncontended speeds of up to 8mb/s being offered to customers across the country. All Eircom customers will be put onto the faster package once their area is upgraded with the price they pay dependant on the monthly download cap they want.

According to Eircom there are already 24 exchanges capable of reaching these speeds and the company aims to have upgraded 1m lines by the end of the year. The upgraded lines will also be available on the wholesale market, meaning customers of rival companies like Vodafone will also be able to avail of the better speeds.

The cheapest of the new broadband packages will cost €25 unbundled and will allow for 30GB of downloads every month. The most expensive will cost €48 unbundled and offers ‘unlimited’ downloads, though in reality this will be capped by a fair-usage policy at 250GB/month.

These new packages mark the first time Eircom have offered their broadband without contention  or congestion, though companies like Magnet have been doing so for some time. Contention ratio is the number of lines using a single connection in the exchange, effectively meaning its speed is split between the users.

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