Irish company Jivo make biodegradable iPhone case

Jivo's biodegradable iPhone case, The Leaf.

Jivo's biodegradable iPhone case, The Leaf.

Irish company Jivo has unveiled its biodegradable iPhone case – the Jivo Leaf – which is both designed and manufactured in Ireland. The company says it has already secured 1m orders for the case which will retail for €20 in Irish shops.

While silicon usually takes a long time to biodegrade, Jivo says its Leaf contains a special resin that will allow it break-down much faster once sent to landfill. As a result the case could theoretically have been degraded completely in just five years, compared to fifty for untreated plastic.

Despite this the company ensures the Leaf has a standard shelf-life and the quicker degradation will only take place once the product is dumped.

The packaging the Leaf comes in is also completely recyclable as part of Jivo’s attempts to court the green euro.

Jivo is a 100% Irish-owned company that specialises in iPhone, iPod and laptop accessories.

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