Gamestop now taking CD trade-ins

Gamestop are now taking CDs as part of their trade-in scheme.

Gamestop are now taking CDs as part of their trade-in scheme.

Computer game retailer Gamestop is now taking used CDs in its trade-in scheme, in addition to customer’s old games and DVDs. The company claims it is the first national retailer in the country to take used CDs in and says it will offer cash or store credit to customers.

Currently a number of small music shops take in used CDs but most chains have avoided getting into the market. On the contrary trade-ins have proven extremely successful for games retailers with both Gamestop and Game offering money for used discs for some time.

The trading in of games has been so successful internationally that many games developers have argued that they should get a cut of the profits. There were even rumours that PS3 games would be designed to lock themselves to a single console once played to stop trade-ins from being possible in the future.

Gamestop cites a GFK Chart Track survey which shows that 6.2million units were sold in 2009, worth approximately €100m in 2009. It says most of these CDs are only listened to a handful of times before being put to one side and so could easily be traded in for something else.

The company is limiting CD trade-ins to full albums only, however, with singles, promotional and giveaway CDs excluded

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