Chorus/NTL to launch VoD this year

UPC have promised a VoD service by the end of the year.

UPC have promised a VoD service by the end of the year.

Cable company Chorus/NTL will launch a Video on Demand (VoD) service this year, according to its CEO. In a statement following the release of the company’s financial results for 2009 Robert Dunn said the company would roll out the service to “further enhance our customer’s [sic] experience.”

A VoD service would allow customers to watch certain programming on their digibox at any time, even if they had not recorded it themselves. It would also open the door for pay-per-view programming on the cable platform, something that so far has not been an option.

RTE’s Player service is an example of VoD, albeit a web-based one. Any VoD service available from the likes of Chorus/NTL would likely carry similar content and would also have a cut-off point at which aired programming would no longer be available.

Chorus/NTL, which is in the process of rebranding to UPC, has promised a VoD service for some time but so far this has failed to materialise. The remotes for company’s latest digiboxes, which also carry the UPC logo, has a dedicated ‘on demand’ button which is currently inactive.

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