News: Facebook to make privacy settings changes

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook.

Facebook will remove regional networks in what founder Mark Zuckerberg says is an attempt to strengthen users’ privacy on the site.

In an open letter which appeared on users’ home pages today, Zuckerberg outlined a number of changes which will be implemented on the site in the coming weeks.

At present members can join networks based on their location and – depending on their account settings – share their content with everyone in it.

The original idea of this was to have networks based around US Universities but as Facebook has grown this has seen many users unwittingly share content with everyone else in their city or country.

Under new plans the option to share with people in your regional network will be removed and members will choose from sharing with friends, friends of friends and everyone.

Zuckerberg also said users will soon be able to decide who sees individual pieces of content they upload – meaning they can limit access to particular files even if their general settings allows everyone access.

In his open letter Zuckerberg said users would be prompted to change their settings soon. He also thanked members for using the site which now boasts over 350m members.

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