News: Sale of Samsung Watchphone delayed until 14th Dec

Samsung's S9110 Watchphone

Samsung's S9110 Watchphone

The Irish launch of Samsung’s Watchphone has been delayed until 14th December, two weeks later than originally planned by the company.

The novel device – also known as the S9110 – squeezes a mobile phone into a wrist-watch and will be available SIM-free in The Carphone Warehouse from €399.

Samsung Ireland had announced earlier today that the phone would be on sale “for a limited time only” from next Tuesday, 1st December. However this has since been pushed back to the middle of next month.

The phone is just under 12mm thick and uses a 1.76″ touchscreen for input. Users can even use it to check e-mails via Microsoft Outlook, although the size of the screen may make this and many other things easier said than done.

Bluetooth 2.1 is also supported meaning most headsets should sync with it easily – vital for those who want to avoid talking into their wrists like a wannabe secret agent.

Neither Samsung or The Carphone Warehouse were able to specify how limited stock of the product will be at this time.

Updated @ 16:40 to highlight product delay.

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