Vodafone to offer iPhones in 2010 as O2 exclusivity ends

Apple's iPhone will be available on Vodafone next year

Apple's iPhone will be available on Vodafone next year

Vodafone are to start selling the iPhone in Ireland after nearly two years of O2 exclusivity, which will come to an end in early 2010.

Pricing details are not available at the moment but many are hoping to see competitive rates coming from Vodafone, which could spark a price-war between the two operators.

The iPhone has been a massive success internationally since it was unveiled by Apple in 2007. It first went on sale in Ireland in March 2008 and has been in high demand ever since. Despite the latest model – the 3Gs – being released in June of this year there are still many reports of O2 struggling to meet demand.

While the end of exclusivity is sure to be unwelcome news for O2 the company has gained significantly from the soon-to-end deal. The operator also hopes that its exclusive rights to the iPhone-rivaling Palm Pre will counteract any losses they may face.

The news that iPhone fans will soon have a choice of networks echoes announcements from the Britain, where Vodafone UK and rival network Orange will also be selling the iPhone in the near-future.

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