Sky Player launches on Xbox 360 in Ireland

The Sky Player is now available to Xbox 360 users

The Sky Player is now available to Xbox 360 users

Sky Digital has launched its Sky Player on the Xbox 360, giving Irish owners a chance to watch TV through their games console for the first time.

The Sky Player service will be available to all users with an Xbox Live Gold subscription, although a separate Sky Digital subscription will also be required. This will mean there will be no extra cost for those already signed-up to Sky Digital at home but an additional €18/month subscription for those who are not.

This is compared to the €21.50 it costs to subscribe to the most basic package available through traditional means.

Channels such as Sky 1, MTV and Nickelodeon will be available as part of the service’s Basic package, with the likes of Sky Sports and ESPN costing more to subscribe to.

Subscriptions will also give users access to Sky’s Video On Demand service, allowing them to watch non-live content from channels they have access to.

In a statement on the new service, director of Sky Ireland Mark Deering said:

“At Sky, we believe in innovating for customers so they can enjoy the content they love how they want.  Whether that’s through their Sky set-top box, computer screen, Xbox 360 or mobile phone, customers have never enjoyed more choice, control and flexibility.”

The new Xbox-based player will integrate with a number of new features Microsoft have rolled out to make their console more interactive. This will include the ability to virtually watch programmes with friends online at the same time, giving them the chance to ‘chat’ through their Xbox avatars while watching.

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