No Sky Songs in Ireland until 2010

Sky Songs coming to Ireland in 2010

Sky Songs coming to Ireland in 2010

TV content provider BSkyB will not launch its music download service in Ireland until 2010, according to a spokesperson for the company.

Sky Songs will launch in the UK on Monday 19th October and will put the pay TV operator in direct competition with services like Spotify and Apple’s iTunes.

A spokesman for BSkyB in Ireland said the music package would be confined to the UK for the time being however they “intend to launch the service in Ireland in 2010 which will be identical to the UK service.”

Sky Songs offers customers access to over 4 million songs for £6.49 a month. The music is streamed like on Spotify but users are also allowed download one album – or ten songs – per month as part of their subscription.

The player will be browser-based rather than a standalone application but it is not yet clear if it will be accessible via mobile phone.

BSkyB’s intention to compete in the music market has been known for some time now. The company first announced plans to launch such a service in the middle of 2008 in a partnership deal with Universal Music Group, however next week’s launch will be the first time their offering has seen the light of day.

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