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The Epson Stylus SX515W printer gets the balance right in pitching itself as a fast and efficient home printer that can cater for easy photo and document printing.

3-in-1 printers – which combine printing, scanning and photocopying functionality in one device – are not exactly hard to come by nowadays, nor are they too expensive. For anyone that thinks they may use a scanner from time to time they are worth having instead of multiple separate devices and can generally be purchased for a similar price to standalone print machines.

The one downside they do have is their bulky size, which can make them awkward to place somewhere and even more awkward to move should there be a need to do so. At a time when laptops are cheaper than ever and households are more and more connected that need may arise more than you think as something needs to be printed from one of the house’s computers and then another later.

There are a number of solutions to what is admittedly a first-world problem like this but the most useful is a WiFi printer, which the SX515W happens to be. Assuming your computers have WiFi capabilities, and most relatively new machines do, you can set up a number of devices to the one printer and leave it to one side from then on.

No longer do you need to put the printer next to the computer in order to connect the short USB cable and no longer do you have to worry about transferring files or piggybacking on one computer’s connection to the printer through a network just to get that CV printed up.

Of course if you want the SX515W does connect via USB and ethernet – opening the potential for you to plug it straight into your network.

Besides this the printer can also take a connection directly via USB from a camera or from the likes of an SD card, meaning you can print and copy files without even having a PC attached.

Epson promise up to 36 pages per minute of printing, which is quite fast but is only really applicable if the pages being printed are simple text. The speed promised by the company does not seem to be as apparent in the scanner either, assuming you want the quality of the scan to be good, which can be a pain if you have a lot of photographs you want to digitise.

The printer is not the cheapest WiFi-enabled device on the market but the extra may be worth spending for the sake of replacement ink costs which in this case are reasonable and in others may not be.

The SX515W is a very usable machine, however, and is easy to set up and operate. Its panel buttons and LCD screen make that all the easier, making some printing tasks as easy as using a basic photocopier. The fact that you can put it out of the way, even out of the room, means it will be far less intrusive too.

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